The men of rank and dignity

How fared it with him then? Were there not the brilliant particles of a halo in the air about his ... weiterlesen

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she may have hoped to find repose

For thee and Pearl, be it as God shall order," said the minister; "and God is merciful! L... weiterlesen

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it seemed almost as if he would be sportive with the child

"It was on him!" he continued, with a kind of fierceness; so determined was he to speak ... weiterlesen

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Most of the spectators testified to having seen

Most of the spectators testified to having seen, on the breast of the unhappy minister, a SCARLET ... weiterlesen

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Nothing was more remarkable than the change

Without disputing a truth so momentous, we must be allowed to consider this version of Mr. Dimmesda... weiterlesen

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Hester was seen embroidering a baby-garment

Leaving this discussion apart, we have a matter of business to communicate to the reader. At old R... weiterlesen

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a new truth would be revealed

there was a more real life for Hester Prynne, here, in New England, that in that unknown region whe... weiterlesen

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